About Us

Our Mission

Ensure research positively impacts residents of the West Philadelphia Promise Zone by advocating for research that protects, respects, and benefits residents and by educating residents on their rights against research abuse

About Us

Our History

The Promise Zone Research Connection (PZRC) is a community-based initiative founded in 2015 to promote research standards that recognize and support the broader interests of the West Philadelphia Promise Zone community and to improve the quality of research by advancing best practices in community engaged research. PZRC members include Promise Zone residents, community stakeholders, and researchers, who come together with a shared commitment to increase dialogue, transparency and equity in the research projects conducted in the West Philadelphia Promise Zone.


Q. What is the difference between the PZRC and the CRRB?

A. The Promise Zone Research Connection (PZRC) is an organization that works broadly to make sure that research that involves Promise Zone residents benefits Promise Zone residents. This can include dialogue with local researchers, educating residents on their rights as research subjects, organizing public forums to share research findings, and more. The Community Research Review Board (CRRB) is a committee of the PZRC. It focuses specifically on reviewing research proposals submitted by area researchers and offering input on these research proposals in order to ensure that the community’s interests are considered in the design of the research process.


Q. This sounds great! How can I help?

A. There are a number of ways that you can help advance the PZRC’s mission. If you are a community resident or stakeholder, you can consider applying to join the PZRC or the CRRB when these applications open each winter. You can also tell your family, friends, and neighbors about our work. The more people know about the PZRC, the better we can help make sure that research benefits local residents. Follow us on Twitter @westphl_pzrc to stay up to date on our progress, activities, and events.

If you are a researcher, you can also consider applying to join the PZRC or the CRRB. You can also let your colleagues know about our work. We are especially interested in working with Institutional Review Boards throughout Philadelphia, and researchers at local colleges and universities. Additionally, we would welcome opportunities to connect with researchers outside of Philadelphia with an interest in community engaged research or who are conducting research in or about West Philadelphia .