PDPH Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention is looking for people to join its Community Advisory Board

The Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention (CDIP) of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health is seeking candidates with experience, skills, and a passion for improving community health to join the Community Advisory Board (CAB). Members review CDIP’s current plans, programs and policy effort, and help shape initiatives to prevent chronic diseases.

You will be expected to attend monthly, one-hour meetings and commit to work on shared documents. Most meetings will be virtual, though they hope to have one in-person meeting per year. A small stipend is planned to compensate folks for their time and contributions. CAB members are also offered the opportunity to actively engage in programs and projects, access to mini-grants, and other resources and information that can serve their community or clients.

To express your interest, fill out the form at: https://forms.office.com/g/w8AHu16PuF 

If you have any questions, please email Thierry.Fortune@phila.gov